Saturday, December 26, 2009



This is the new buzz-phrase that is sweeping MS-Nation. It all began with the work of an Italian doctor - Dr. Zamboni - and the work that he did to better understand and treat his wife, who had been given a diagnosis of MS.

All of the details of that journey are better described here:

This information has spun my world out of orbit and the routine of 28 days between infusions has now been augmented with a mad research program and quest for more data. The goal for all of this research is to find that inflection point; the point where I can say that I am comfortable being tested for CCSVI and then comfortable undergoing surgery. To-date, I have come across this information:

Which is of interest, because my best friend growing up went to med school at UB and the school is less than an hour from where I grew up outside of Rochester, NY. The entire Upstate NY area kinda sorta feels like home and so this has a leg up, due to familiarity. They have said they will not be making any decisions on study participants until January, so I am also in a holding pattern there.

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